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My Top10
Shirou Fubuki.Atsuya (Inazuma Eleven) Daisuke Endo (Inazuma Eleven) Fideo Ardena (Inazuma Eleven) Mamoru Endou (Inazuma Eleven) Azure Orca. Blade Brandier Form (.Hack//G.U.) Chikorita.Bayleaf (Pokemon) Kaito Kuroba (Detective Conan) Haseo (.Hack//G.U.) Kosuke Ueki (The Law of Ueki) Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan)
Series Stats
Azure Orca
Azure Orca Alternate form
( Blade Brandier Form)
10.000 (NR)
Chikorita Alternate form
10.000 (NR)
Daisuke Endo
Daisuke Endo 2 3
Inazuma Eleven
4.000 (NR)
Fideo Ardena
Fideo Ardena 7 6
Inazuma Eleven
2.500 (NR)
Haseo 1 Alternate form(s) 1 5
10.000 (NR)
Kaito Kuroba
Kaito Kuroba 2
Detective Conan
0.000 (NR)
Kosuke Ueki
Kosuke Ueki 1 4
The Law Of Ueki
0.000 (NR)
Mamoru Endou
Mamoru Endou 1 Alternate form(s) 17 9
Inazuma Eleven
2.714 (137th)
Shinichi Kudo
Shinichi Kudo 1 Alternate form(s) 2 7
Detective Conan
9.500 (NR)
Shirou Fubuki
Shirou Fubuki Alternate form
Inazuma Eleven
8.111 (84th)
Global Statistics
8430 Characters, 530 Alternate forms, 118 Suggestions
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