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  • Only the anime version of the character is valid (Preferable from screenshot) unless the character does not exist in the anime then the manga version can be used.
  • To add a sequel for an anime title the characters/story must differ from the original plot (for example, mai-hime/mai-otome) otherwise any new characters/forms from the sequels may be added to the original title (for example Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Are considered valid the Following types of Anime: Series produced in japan and series with Anime style (influenced) outside japan.
  • Click on a series' hint to add it to field (existing series must be matched exactly, always click the hint if you have doubts).
  • All images are resized to 80x80 according to the crop orientation specified.
  • Final Cropped Images may not contain other characters or text.
  • Its recommended you have an account to be able to edit your characters.
  • Submit high quality images if possible!
  • Note that family name (if exists) comes last. (Ex.: Shinji Ikari)
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