Ah! My Goddess
Year: - Alternate titles: Oh! My Goddess, Aa! Megami Sama, ああっ女神さまっ
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A college student receives an unexpected visit from a helpline goddess while he was trying to order ...  more
A college student receives an unexpected visit from a helpline goddess while he was trying to order food by phone. He's granted a wish and he decides that he wants someone like her to stay with him forever. Who wouldn't be happy with a goddess by your side?  less

Ah! My Goddess The Movie

13:41 26-10-2011 by clades
Oct 2000
Very Good
1990 hits
Following the short OAV series this movie introduces new characters so far unknown in the animation (but already present in the Manga).
The visuals are just amazing, very high detailed for 2000's standards. The animation is generously long (1 hour and 46 minutes) but the storyline is very common, sufficiently annoying and mostly action-less despite having some really sweet moments. In fact the storyline is the only black spot since everything else is just perfect.

5 (Average) Storyline

The average rating says all: The storyline is not the best around, the concept around Celestine's reasons to make evil actions with good intentions is what can be called a weak story worthy of fillers, the kinds of stories that promise a lot but at the end are very disappointing.
In other hand the romantic/sweet moments are nicely distributed by the entire movie what makes it a good show to the fans of such moments, Belldandy's sweetness at its best, enough to justify a higher rating :)
If the storyline was at the same level as the other elements, this movie would be reaching perfection.

10 (Perfect) Characters

Everything related to characters was perfectly thought for this movie, great outfits, deep personalities, smooth animation, high detailed design, good development and most of all: Belldandy gets her best style since the beginning of the manga (and I dare to say the best ever), really enjoyable pleasure for all Ah! My Goddess fans.
The same old characters we've already met in the OAV series: Belldandy the cute/sweet goddess which shadows everyone else with her perfection. Indeed Belldandy seems to be a world apart from the rest of the characters in terms of...everything.
Keiichi the unlucky human which had the luck to receive a ... goddess.
Megumi, keiichi's extroverted sister.
Urd and Skuld, Belldandy's older and younger sisters.
The Motorcycle Club wild party-ready members also take an important role in the movie.

10 (Perfect) Graphics/Animation

The graphics are simple outstanding, heaven scenes are a piece of art by itself, Miguel Angelo would be jealous.
Everything is well synchronized: shadows, ambient light and landscapes. Night scenes are specially eye-catching.
Trees, leaves, sun light, moon, wildlife, rivers...something for one to remember later.
The 16:9 format makes it even more pleasant.

9 (Excellent) Sound Effects/Voices

Audio is well integrated with the animation, sound tracks suggest nostalgic/tragedy feelings within the climax. Nothing to say here just some scenes may lack ambiance, apart from that nothing else, Zone 1 DVD offers a nice 5.1 track that sure wont disappoint anyone.


3 years have passed since Belldandy arrived, life is perfect but suddenly a mysterious entity imprisoned in the moon (former Belldandy's mentor) is released and starts showing up with the intent of corrupting Goddess system through belldandy's interface and taking control in order to apply justice by his own hands.
Trouble is on the way even the reasons are mostly justice for the ones who suffered from heaven's injustices?
With the consequence of being infected with the virus Belldandy loses all her memories and when she wakes up she wont remember Keiichi anymore. Old Memories start flowing and Belldandy regains a distant past she didn't remember have lived, a past where something terrible happened. Will Belldandy's love be the key to save earth or the final item to lead it to destruction?


Can be recommended for all, nudity scenes are not offensive, violence is not disturbing at all, sexual content in-existent, language does not contain any disturbing speech or profanity.


DVD, Fan subs. Zone 1 DVD is flawless, released by pioneer is a good choice to enjoy the movie, DVD Rips are very common as well, this title was ripped by several groups with various bit rates.


If you don't care about the low points given to the storyline and wish to appreciate Ah! My Goddess at its best I really recommend you this movie. I'm sure if you're a fan of Ah! My Goddess you wont be disappointed at all
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