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A medieval like world where powerful warriors known as Claymores under the orders of an obscure orga...  more
A medieval like world where powerful warriors known as Claymores under the orders of an obscure organization fight yoma creatures in order to protect humans or so it seems.  less

Claymore TV

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Apr 2007
TV Series
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A title which values for the balance of its components. Being able to create originality from old concepts does it nothing but being recognized by many as a masterpiece of the genre.

9 (Excellent) Storyline

A creative plot despite using a very old concept (humans vs demons).
Humans have to possess the demon's blood and flesh in order to gain strength and speed for matching their enemies, we can say its demons against demon-like.
Apart from the ending which is not based in the manga, the storyline is quite attractive and original, mostly following the manga religiously with almost no deviations.
If the ending was at the same level as the other elements it could be among the best Anime titles of all time.

10 (Perfect) Characters

The range of valuable characters is surprisingly wide. Each one with their own background (the reason why they became warriors), for some being a Claymore is a way of life while for others is all about revenge.
Its hard to find titles with so many unique characters and not a big surprise you can find many fans for all of them.
Clare is the main character, Teresa and Priscilla are in a 2nd line of main characters since they are part of story's original core.

9 (Excellent) Graphics/Animation

The picture quality and animation are near to flawless with the usual high detail of nowadays Japanese Animation. Some minor mistakes like erroneous symbols do not affect it's overall quality.

9 (Excellent) Sound Effects/Voices

Voice acting is pleasant and somehow adequate. Sword clashes are very realistic/loud, background music and climax are also well integrated with the animation.


The world is a medieval like where half demon warriors hunt pure breed demons (yoma) in order to protect humans.
Humans call the warriors Claymore, and fear them as most they fear yoma.
Claymore warriors come from an obscure organization where females are implanted with yoma flesh and blood in order to gain speed and strength to match their enemies.
Once existed a very strong warrior: Teresa of the faint smile. After killing several yoma beasts in a village she meets a young girl (Clare) who follows her even after being rejected and kicked away. Teresa falls for the girl's pure feelings to her and finds a reason to live in her cold robotic life.
Teresa ends up killing humans breaking the iron Clan's rule and is set for execution.
After refusing to die at the execution site Teresa ends up being hunted and killed leaving a broken-hearted Clare behind with only one thing in mind: Revenge.




DVD, Fansubs.


An excellent title in the supernatural genre and surely one to follow for sequels.
Won't disappoint anyone who likes intelligent Supernatural/Medieval-battle plots.
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