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Welcome to Anime-Characters.com, the main goal of this website is to provide an anime/manga character database users can interact with. Individual anime titles (TV,OAV,Movies) will only exist depending on the amount of distinct characters they contain, in most cases a single container will hold all characters from all prequels/sequels).
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Petite Princess Yucie
0.000 (NR)
Pulse Ryuudou
Pulse Ryuudou
Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo
0.000 (NR)
Darker Than Black
0.000 (NR)
Oni Hitokuchi
Oni Hitokuchi
Nurarihyon No Mago
0.000 (NR)
Recently Added
12:52 03-11-2014
Attack On Titan
Armin Arlert
12:49 03-11-2014
Armin Arlert
Attack On Titan
Eren Yeager
12:47 03-11-2014
Eren Yeager 1 Alternate form(s)
Attack On Titan
Mikasa Ackerman
12:30 03-11-2014
Mikasa Ackerman 1
Attack On Titan
D.Gray-man 9.0
00:51 18-02-2012 by Anarion 0
Ah! My Goddess The Movie 8.5
13:41 26-10-2011 by clades 0
Claymore TV 9.3
01:55 21-10-2011 by clades 0
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clades 2808 3
13:21 23-01-2016
by #Fan
This is my favorite character even if he only is seen a few times.
06:25 18-10-2015
by Glitchmaster9
You are the coolest women I have ever met! Your pretty, sexy, and have the greatest personally I've seen in a women! PLEASE message me back, because as Phil Collins once said, "I've been waiting for t[..]
18:57 22-08-2015
by glitchmaster9
Meet your biggest fan, me, glitchmaster9, it was originally glitchmaster9000, but the name was too long. Happy to see you, it is a honer :-)
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