Raikou Shimizu
Name Raikou Shimizu
Alt. Names -
Series Nabari No Ou
Rating 0.000 (0)
Alt. Forms 0
Fans 0
Ranking NR
Provider wakaranai
Pink Shoulder Hair
Brown eyes
Relatives 1
Date 00:52 14-03-2012
Raikou Shimizu
Raikou Shimizu
Raimei Shimizu
Age: 20
Birthday: August 20
Height : 177cm
Weight: 65 kg
Shoe size: 27.5 cm
Blood type: O
Likes: Red Spider Lily, collecting protective charms, delicious drinks, honey
Skills: Pretending he didn't hear, Cat's cradle
Dislikes: Fast moving trends, flowers with big blossoms
Personal sword: White Gamon

Older brother of Shimizu Raimei and a member of the Kairoshuu. His disposal team is "Wakachi" with Gau.
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