Ichiro (Inatori) Yamada
Name Ichiro (Inatori) Yamada
Alt. Names -
Series Hamtaro
Rating 0.000 (0)
Alt. Forms 0
Fans 0
Ranking NR
Provider aniyokomirmo
Brown Short Hair
Bicolor eyes
Relatives 0
Date 00:17 17-11-2011
 Ichiro (Inatori) Yamada
Ichiro (Inatori) Yamada
Laura's teacher. A young and enthusiastic teacher, who is very good at his job. Outside of his job, he is more wimpy and has a morbid fear of chickens. However, he has conquered his fear several times to win the heart of Charlotte Rooster. He is now married to her, and they even have a child (in the Japanese version), whom the Ham-Hams often try to protect.
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