Hajime Shibata
Name Hajime Shibata
Alt. Names -
Series Jigoku Shoujo
Rating 0.000 (0)
Alt. Forms 0
Fans 0
Ranking NR
Provider wakaranai
Black Short Hair
Black eyes
Relatives 1
Date 05:11 19-08-2011
Hajime Shibata
Hajime Shibata
Tsugumi Shibata
A former journalist who now earns money by blackmailing celebrities with evidence of their scandals. He began to investigate Jigoku Tsuushin merely out of interest, but becomes more heavily involved once he realizes that it's more than just a rumor and people are actually being dragged into Hell. Furthermore, his daughter Tsugumi seems to have a mysterious connection with Enma Ai that allows her to see anything significant that Ai sees.
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