Yakumo Saitou
Name Yakumo Saitou
Alt. Names -
Series Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
Rating 0.000 (0)
Alt. Forms 0
Fans 0
Ranking NR
Provider wakaranai
Gray Short Hair
Bicolor eyes
Relatives 2
Date 06:02 17-08-2011
Yakumo Saitou
Yakumo Saitou
Azusa SaitouNao Saitou
Saitou Yakumo is a college student. He was born with different eye colors. His red left eye gives him a special ability to see ghosts and spirits. He believes ghosts and spirits are bound to earth because of a certain 'cause' and simply eliminating that 'cause' will those spirits rest in peace. Being asked for help by Ozawa Haruka, they begin the investigation together.
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