Juvia Loxar
Name Juvia Loxar
Alt. Names Jubia Rokusā
Series Fairy Tail
Rating 9.000 (3)
Alt. Forms 0
Fans 4
Ranking NR
Provider pindanl
Blue Long Hair
Relatives 0
Date 13:30 02-04-2010
Juvia Loxar
Juvia Loxar
juvia's fan
juvia's fan
I like you juvia even you make rain i love rain:D....it's stop when you met gray fullbuster ^_^you know I'm just like you when was a kid no one wants me around:(until now but I get used to it actually I like being alone:DI have a few friends i think 2 i guess:sweat: and I really like making dolls like that ^_^so BE HAPPY JUVIA I'm you're FAN:Eso bye....and thank you"origato"
11:21 01-09-2011
juvia for master gray hehehe :love::love::love::love::love:
04:51 16-12-2011
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