Meiru Sakurai
Name Meiru Sakurai
Alt. Names Mayl Sakurai
Series MegaMan NT Warrior
Rating 0.000 (0)
Alt. Forms 0
Fans 2
Ranking NR
Provider clades
Red Short Hair
Brown eyes
Relatives 0
Date 17:57 06-12-2008
Meiru Sakurai
Meiru Sakurai
Ben da ruler Shelley Mumma on youtube
Ben da ruler Shelley Mumma on youtube
Hi, Mayl, listen, um, if you have the time, can you check out my YouTube channel? I want you to get to know me better. You are VERY beautiful, and have the greatest personality in a girl I have ever seen. We both play piano and chess, we both have red hair, and I think are the same size. Plus you are not like those other girls in society now that just watch vines on their phones, you are better than that. If Lan is to stupid to see what a great girl you are and leaves you, Please don't hesitate to stop by. I will tell you where I live when you reply back. Please reply, you make me so happy. Even if you think I am crazy we can just be friends.
Ben Mumma, da ruler

05:36 09-07-2016
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